Targeted Organizational Development

targeted organizational development associates inc.

Purpose. Experience. Diligence.

What do we do?

  • Our Mission is to bring proven business practices to the local level for practical use.

  • To help companies use what we know, we first meet and review the status of the business: is it meeting its financial goals, is it efficient, is it sustainable and will it grow in the current environment?

  • With this understanding and insight, the next step is work with the leadership to design a picture of the future for “what they want”. Picture the goal. With that clarity, we craft the steps to make it happen.

  • Coaching the leader is not just about goal clarity and steps but improving the possibility of success by changing leadership barriers that may prevent it.

  • Leaders are a small few in number but big on influence. The top must work effectively to win.

  • Equally important to achieve success are the employees. They need to know the new goals and how to achieve them. Coaching strategic individuals shorts the time needed to achieve measurable results.

  • Individual contributions are important but it is the team between people and departments that sustain achievements (progress). Building teamwork is our job.

  • Coaching translates observations, listening, knowledge and insight into practical use. Our Mission is to make it practical to make it profitable. We blend a big picture view into daily performances improvements.

Robert W. Fuller MA., M.Div.

is a high-performing senior-level, organizational development specialist, trainer and author.  Bringing more than 25+ years of business experience in both top Fortune 1000 corporations and as an entrepreneur across diverse industries and sectors.  Skilled in improving organizational and individual performance.



  • Rider University – MA, Business

  • Princeton – Theological Seminary – M.Div, Counseling

  • Oregon State University – BS, Pre-Law/Economics


Professional Experience

Targeted Organizational Development Associates has become my umbrella company representing work from 2003-present. The following are some of the activities and organizations engaged:

Corporate Coach                                                 2017 – Present

Providing corporate coaching and organizational development to existing businesses in Eastern North Carolina to improve senior executives’ personal acumen and corporate performance

Train North Carolina                                        Current start-up

Teach/coach North Carolina companies on a collection of some 50 industrial related topics

Lee Hecht Harrison                                              2012 - Present

Executive coach to Fortune 1000 companies, including: Bayer Crop Sciences, Quintiles, EMC, GSK,

American Management Association                     2007 – Present Contracted and sought-after for facilitation of key management courses.  Current courses are: Managing Chaos: Tools to Set Priorities and Make Decisions Under Pressure, and Critical Thinking

Ecoland Institute, Cary, NC                                    2012 - Present Chief Human Experience Officer: Community development organization with the vision of building timeless, intelligent, resilient and environmentally responsible communities.  Recent initiatives include Izmir Turkey and Wilson North Carolina.

SC Dept. of Social Services & Dept. of Alcohol and Other Drug Abuse Services    2014-2016

Contracted to review and recommend Department re-organization and change for South Carolina state agency. Approach included interviews with Department facilities directors across the state, preparation of a report and recommendations

Acting Executive Director for the Fayetteville Chamber of Commerce for the development of the Campus for Advanced Sustainability and for the creation of their Angel Fund

Senior Consultant for Six Disciplines, Inc.

Managing Partner for Advanced Veterinary Imaging Corporation

Siemens Medical                                                                 1994 – 2002

Manager: Managed training and development group for sales, logistics and service through Siemens University. Facilitated and developed collaborative training model between 40 Siemens companies. Development and fiscal oversight of departmental budget of over $1 million.

UST, Inc.   1982 - 1992

Management of international development, sales training and employee assistance programs for UST, Inc., a consumer packaged goods company.  



Mark Ulrey MS OD



  • American University - National Training Labs - Washington DC - MSOD


Terry Clark

Terry’s business, training and military career spans over 40 years. He has a unique combination of actual leadership, selling and sales management in fortune 500 companies, the United States Marine Corps and developing and delivering over 1500 training sessions to over 100,000 managers, supervisors and employees for the past 20 years.

Past employers include: 
Hallmark Cards, Northrop/Grumman, Sony Corporation, American Management Association and Ply Gem Industries

Positions Held: 
Mfg. Supervisor, Mfg. Manager, HR Manager, Territory Sales Rep. National Sales Manager, Director of Training and Development for over 22,000 employees.

Career Highlights:  

·         Retired CWO-5 USMC (Reserve) Veteran of Desert Storm

·         U.S. Government Office of Personnel Management (OPM) – 10 years as Mid-Level leadership Instructor for the United States Secret Service and National Security Agency

Training Style:  
Highly interactive with all content delivered from personal experience; both wins and losses.