Targeted Organizational Development

targeted organizational development

“ Our purpose is to provide the small to medium sized business owner affordable and timely foundational leadership, customer service and core employee soft skills to take their business to its maximum capability”


If You Are Feeling the Following….We can Help 

Frustrated with employees who don’t have the motivation and commitment you feel they need

Working 60-80 hours a week due to not having trust in those who should be doing the work

New employee turnover is too high; your time is spent training new people and doing the work of those who left

Work and home-life stress is taking its toll emotionally and physically


Do you do what I'm looking for?

 Our Approach

Partner with owner/management team, Team approach to employees, Taking core employees to a higher level of productivity, efficiency, morale and engagement




What results can I expect?

Facts for Managing a Successful Business

-          An untrained management team causes up to 50% of employee turnover

-          Supervisors who were top employees and were promoted to leadership without training are going to struggle

-          A trained employee, working as a team member, is 5x more likely to succeed.

-          You can’t survive or attain your business vision without the right training strategy…employees are the key to customer relationship and repeat business




"When you succeed, we succeed!"


What we do


Organizational transformation

Empower you to successfully plan & execute changes in business structure, goals, technology & culture.

Focus your leaders on the common goal

Align policies, procedures and processes from where you are to where you want to be.

Analyze projects and processes that slo w down your business.


technology adoption

Help your people adapt to new technology by build new skills and adopt new processes.

Behavioral change

Learning strategy

Organizational change management

Instill tools and techniques to solve your business challenges


talent development Offerings


  • Basic leadership from first time supervisor to managing a world class team

  • Time/Task management

  • The Alfa/Omega of Customer Service

  • Creating a work culture that attracts and retains employees

  • The five greatest motivators of any employee

  • The three elements of attaining business goals/dreams

  • The biggest mistake of hiring new people is made in the first two weeks of employment

  • The millennial worker myths


Managing A Successful Business

  •           Strategy, Plan, Execution, Profitability

  •   Managing Chaos

  •           Integrating the right level of technology

  •          How to find “three more just like her/him”

 Unique Capabilities

TOD has the capability to design an develop custom training for target specific customer needs. We have developed and delivered custom programs in the following business areas:

-          Hospice Health Care

-          Supervisory training for nuclear power plan decommissioning

-          Federal Law Enforcement Leadership for USSS

-          Mid-Level Leadership for NSA